Cleaning Window Screens


cleaning window screens

We at Drake's make sure when we're cleaning window screens we use soap and water as opposed to just water or dry brushing. The reason why we do this is because cleaning your screens with soap and water will ensure in case of rain there will be no residue on your screens that will cause spotting on your windows.

Other methods include pressure washing your screens with only water. Your screens will look better than what they were before but if they haven't been cleaned initially with soap and water then there will still be residue on your screens that can cause your windows to spot if it rains on them. Then there is dry brushing them. Once again they will look better than what they did before but there will still be residue.

The only way to have your window screens looking as good as they possibly can is to wash them with soap and water. Not only will there be no residue on your screens, they will also look better than any other method there is. It takes longer and is more work but well worth the effort.

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