Glass Restoration


glass restoration

Welcome to Drake's glass restoration. Are your windows looking like they need to be replaced because of hard water stains, graffiti etched into the glass, or mineral stains? Before you call the glass guy call Drake's. We can make your glass look brand new for a fraction of the cost to replace. With our glass restoring unit and chemicals it's possible to have new looking glass.

We can restore such things as glass damaged from new construction. Store fronts, graffiti damage, and water stained glass. Scratched glass furniture, scratched automotive glass, manufactured glass products and many other applications. This includes restoring mirrors and tempered glass for residential or commercial jobs.

Some hard water stains can be removed with our chemicals. When stains are tough and have been on the windows for years or graffiti removal a glass restoring unit is what is needed. Drake's systems safely goes 4 times deeper than other methods and removes mild to severe scratches with little or no visible distortion.

We start by evaluating the job at the time you make an estimate appointment. If you would like to set an appointment, or have any questions or concerns, you can call us at 1-800-59-SHINE.

Or you can return to the commercial window cleaning page and fill out the form provided. One of our friendly technicians will contact you.

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