How To Clean Windows The Expert Way


how to clean windows

There are only two ways how to clean windows expertly. We at Drake's have trained technicians that are certified in both processes. The most common way in cleaning windows is using a squeegee and soft scrubber. With this method we apply a cleaning solution with a specially designed soft scrubber that won't scratch your windows. Once the entire window has been washed with our cleaning solution and all the dirt and debris has been loosened we use a squeegee to remove all the water along with the dirt and debris leaving it streak and smear free.

The second method to clean windows is using a water-fed pole. We at Drake's use a deionized water filtration system so that your windows dry spot-free. This is especially useful for when the windows have a lot of dirt buildup. The water-fed pole has a brush attached to the end of it to loosen up the dirt on the window as well as being able to wipe down the frames real well all at the same time. Then the water that shoots out of the end is able to rinse down the dirt on both the window and the frame.

An important step in using a water-fed pole is ensuring that all the dirty water is ran all the way down to ensure there is no dirt marks that are left behind on the side of your home or commercial building underneath the window. We make sure that this doesn't happen. Leaving your windows for your home or establishment looking good.

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