Window Screen Hardware


window screen hardware

We at Drake's are able to provide you with any window screen hardware that may be needed to install your window screen.

There are various types of clips that hold your window screen in place.

Older wooden windows usually require what is known as jiffy clips to hold the screen in place. We have these in stock and are able to provide and install them for you.

Some window screens are held in place by spring-loaded pins. Sometimes these pins, especially when made out of plastic, will become brittle and break. Typically the best scenario for this is to make an entire new screen frame and install new ones. Drake's is able to make a new frame for you with spring-loaded pins that are made out of metal. Ensuring that you get the most use out of them as possible.

Sunscreens are installed with sunscreen clips. We have different sizes of sunscreen clips to meet your needs in stock. We are able to come out to you and reinstall these as needed and make sure that your sunscreen is not falling off. We also are able to use velcro in this situation.

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