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We at Drake's are a fully mobile screening service that can make new window screens as well as rescreens. We're at least 25% less than home improvement stores.

We use high quality frame material that is a stronger gauge than other window screen frames. We also use all metal corners to ensure that your screen frame will last a very long time.

Our standard colors for our screen mesh is either gray or charcoal gray but we can accommodate a variety of other colors to meet your preferences.

We also use loop pull-up tabs that are thick and sturdy to ensure they last a long time without breaking off.

All this ensures that you receive a high quality screen that is well worth it while at the same time being cheaper than the screens you will find at the home improvement stores.

When making new screens, we guarantee that it will fit right, not allowing any bugs or mosquitoes to get in. With the proper fit you're also ensured that your screen will last longer because you won't have to fight to get it out and accidentally bend the screen frame.

If you have older wooden frames that require clips to install the screen we also are able to, if necessary, provide and install the required clips.

If the sun is too bright for your room, we are also able to provide the screen with a sunscreen material that helps block out some of the light and help lower the temperature in the room.Even if the window is a decorative window that doesn't open or close, and doesn't come with a screen, we can still install a screen on the outside of the window to help with this.

Drake's Services has been in business for nearly 20 years and has the technical know-how to fulfill your wants and needs. If you have anything you would like to know about you can call us at


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