Wooden Window Screens


wooden window screens

If you have wooden window screens we at Drake's are able to rescreen them for you. Typically these type of screens have screen mesh that is held in place by a rubber spline. If this is the case then they are still able to be rescreened.

Rescreening them is more cost-effective than replacing them.

If you need new frame then we suggest that you go with metal frame. We use all metal to make sure that your screen frame will last virtually forever so you won't have to replace them again.

We are able to match any color that you may need in order to fit with the wooden window the screen is being placed in. This allows for you to have a beautiful looking window screen that matches your window while at the same time having a quality window screen.

Drake's Services has been in business for nearly twenty years and we are able to meet any of your needs. If you have any questions or concerns you can reach us at


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